Let’s face it, age comes to us all.

If we were to believe the newspapers and magazines these days, especially after the New Year, we would believe that all we had to do was to eat the right things, exercise and use our brains and we would be immortal.

Sad to say, we all know that this is not true. No one is immortal; age comes to all of us. Even Andy Murray, the star of Wimbledon, has had to admit that his body is aging and that he would be wise to stop punishing himself with high powered tennis matches that cause him hip pain. It is time for him to face up to his physical limitations and enjoy the life he has with his family.

This is something that could benefit us all. No matter how much we exercise, diet and use our brains, we cannot stop the process of aging. Instead of exhorting us to change our lives drastically, we should be encouraged to accept our bodies as they are.

We should all take note of the twinges that we feel as we age and react only to these. If our back starts to trouble us, then and only then, should we start to take measures to alleviate the symptoms. If people do not do the exercises that they have been given by their physiotherapists as part of their therapy for alleviating back pain, they know the pain will only get worse. With the right exercises, back pain can be managed and sufferers can live with the symptoms, continue to walk upright and enjoy a full life for a very long time. I know someone who has managed to do this for over twenty years.

Then, of course, we can all name people who have taken on board all the suggestions newspapers and magazines have thrown at them and have died, some a very premature death. I witnessed a close friend of mine frantically doing all he crosswords he could on a daily basis but it made no difference; he still succumbed to dementia at a very early age.

What we should all do is to accept that our bodies will let us down, and that we can maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle that we can enjoy if we address our specific problems, not try to follow some stringent routine a stranger has suggested. If we love a Mediterranean diet, learning a new language and exercising, then we should do these things, but if we hate them, we should try a little but not give up on what we most enjoy.

Life is to be lived and enjoyed. It should never be a test of endurance and suffering.


One Response to “Let’s face it, age comes to us all.”

  1. M T McGuire Says:

    Absolutely. A friend shared a surgeon with Andy Murray. At the time, his surgeon’s opinion was that he would be lucky to play top level tennis again. That he has is amazing but it’s clearly taking its toll.

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