Dithering will get us nowhere

It has been reported that UK’s Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, had to be recalled from his holiday to deal with the crisis of illegal immigrants landing on UK’s shores.

While he is responsible and the buck should stop at his desk, surely the man is entitled to a holiday? There must be many other people who also have a responsibility to guard and protect UK’s shores? Surely they could have done the job?

However, it has also been reported that Sajid Javid apparently refused an offer of military assistance from the Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson and has ignored advice from a senior minister that the Home Office should deploy all six Border Force cutters and destroy the boats used by the traffickers.

More to the point, we have known for ages that not all of the ports in the UK are being protected. With Brexit looming, it seems likely that protecting our borders is a major consideration that needs addressing immediately.

Dithering is getting us nowhere. It is not just apparent in the Home Office. In all our government departments, dithering seems to be all that most of them are capable of doing.  So many times, a crisis looms and nothing is done. One department will say that it is not its responsibility and will pass the buck to another department who passes it on ad infinitum.

The definition of a camel (a horse designed by a committee) remains as an effective image of the wheels of government as ever. While we definitely need a democracy to rule us, the people in charge need to work together, to discuss what is needed and then MAKE DECISIONS and CARRY THEM OUT.

So many councils appear to decide to do something, and then after tinkering around with the idea, having it brought up in the agenda time after time, month after month, worrying about the tiny details, wondering if the action might break any policies or laws only to leave the idea floating so that it never actually takes shape and nothing is done. Even the laws that they are supposed to take note of are often indistinct and settle for saying that the subject in question is ‘a grey area’ so that no one knows what should or should not be done.

It is time that the powers that be waded through the quagmire of indecision, clarified exactly what should or should not be done and GOT ON WITH IT! It is time our borders were properly guarded; illegal immigrants were sent back to where they came from (or processed properly and given asylum if legitimate), the traffickers identified and punished and the fees the victims paid returned.



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