Comment: It is time politicians planned properly for the future.

In a European newspaper this week the headlines announced how a group of people who had rescued some drowning refugees were pronounced heroes. Instead of condemning the poor prospective immigrants and chastising them for daring try to land in another country without the right papers, their rescue is hailed as a worthy cause. If we stopped to think about it, just what value do we put on a human life? Who are we to condemn others just because of the circumstances within which they find themselves? What would we do if an alien country suddenly decided to bomb the cities where we live? There would be more than a few of us who would pack up everything and leave to find a safer haven. We would not worry about waiting for the right papers to come if our lives were at stake.

In a perfect world, safe countries near those that are in strife would be aware that they are likely to be swamped with frightened people trying to escape. If the powers that be got their act together, they would not merely watch while volunteer bodies tried to provide enough water, shelter and clothes for these people. They would put up temporary prefabricated homes to shelter them and provide water, drainage and sewage. They would have already set up contingency plans to give the people food and clothing. They would even have plans for the people’s education, employment and cultural fulfilment so that they can become a vital and integral part of society. While the number of people needing this help cannot be known, it is possible to make an educated guess and prepare properly.

Ah yes, I hear someone complaining: ‘Where is the money to do this to come from?’ Like any business, sometimes you have to invest first before you can reap the benefits of something you set up. See these people right, and in the future, the nurses, doctors, teachers, mechanics, labourers, factory workers and farmers among them now or trained for these roles later will not only be able to help themselves but the citizens already established as well.

Preparing for the future seems such a simple thing to do. Yet so many times, this does not happen in political circles. The Gatwick crisis when the airport had to close for days, not hours, is a prime example. If those in charge had listened to the experts’ advice when drones first came into existence and set up proper military-style jammers that were regularly updated, more than likely, the problem would not have occurred. Procrastination, so many times has proved to be the wrong answer to many of our problems.




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