Comment: Negative thinking gets us nowhere

Be it Brexit, providing buses or a warm pub, negative thinking gets us nowhere.

Cries that we should vote against the agreements our Prime Minister has drawn up with the EU so that our country can leave with some semblance of a future are no help. No one has said that the deals are perfect, but at least we may have something to ensure our continued existence. The alternative does not bear thinking about. Imagine, the UK leaves the EU without any agreements at all. Why should the EU then have anything to do with us? Why should it accept our goods? What is to stop the EU suddenly raising their prices so high that we can ill afford them? What is to stop the EU piling on taxes to the goods we may wish to sell to it? What is to stop the EU suddenly closing its borders and demanding huge sums for us to apply for visas? Nothing. Some agreement is better than no agreement.

On the subject of buses, a local manager whose job is to provide a bus service made it clear at a meeting that it was cheaper for him to withdraw bus services that do not pay. While this may seem sensible, to take this way of thinking to its extreme would produce a bus service with almost no buses running at all i.e. he would drive himself out of business. When suggested he should invest in his business first so that his buses are on time, regular, comfortable and with friendly bus drivers, he asked who was going to provide the investment. In any other business, it is accepted that first you need to invest in your business dream before there is any chance of it succeeding. If you are providing a bus service, first you need to provide the buses before you can say you are actually providing a ‘service’.

I went to have lunch in a pub recently. The food was lovely, the place spotless but it was freezing. When I jokingly asked for a discount because the pub was so cold I was told emphatically that it cost too much to put on more heating. Again, this kind of thinking drives the customers away. No matter how much advertising is done, word gets round and other than bringing our own blankets and hot water bottles and wearing our coats as we dine, there is no future in this way of thinking.

We are frequently told by our mentors as we grow up that we should believe in ourselves. Pretend you are confident and are going to be successful, and more often than not, you are. It is time we put our negative thinking aside and thought positively about the future.



One Response to “Comment: Negative thinking gets us nowhere”

  1. M T McGuire Says:

    Surely the biggest argument yet in favour of an open fireplace in every pub! Just to keep the place warm!

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