Review of ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Floods Tavern in St Ives on Thursday 20th July 2017

review Wind in the Willows Jon Scott ClarkThere is something quintessentially English about sitting by the bank of a river, watching the world go by. More than this, the play ‘Wind in the Willows’ is an insight into the creative imagination of one particular eccentric English man: Kenneth Graham. The combined effect was sheer magic.

In the presence of the Mayor of St. Ives and a host of VPs, Momentum Theatre Company presented ‘Wind in the Willows’ in the grounds of Floods Tavern with a most picturesque back drop of the Great Ouse River flowing gently by with grassy fields stretching beyond.

All the well-known and well-loved characters were there in this adaptation. Toad (played by Oliver Scott) the ‘big boned’ but never ‘fat’ amphibian simply adored motor cars, or anything that happened to be in fashion. He was doomed to failure as he launched himself into his new hobby and his kind friends, the timid Mole (Sian Eleanor Green), the upper-crust Ratty (Charles Ruhrmund) and the wise old Badger (Adrian Osman) came to the rescue.  Other memorable characters were the snobbish horse, Gerald, play by the director himself, Jon-Scott Clark (pictured) and James Thompson the remarkable, singing rabbit.

The baddies were sneaky weasels (represented by Samantha Clark) and the evil queen (Hannah Ponting) and with frequent appearances of the police and their amazingly mobile police cars, the delightful story unfolded.

The set was incredible, one small stage becoming different character’s homes, the Wild Wood, the train station, the open road, the river bank or Toad Hall. This excellent adaptation by Bryan Hodgson, with original music by Matt Harvey provided a splendid night’s entertainment in an ideal environment. Let there be more, I say.



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