The Elysian Riding and Driving for the Disabled Club

speaker Elysian Riding for the Disabled Y had its AGM on Wednesday 12th July 2017. New officers for the coming year were decided: the chair: Enid Bedford, secretaries: Sue Garrod and Debbie Bedford and the treasurer Mike Axford.

The guest speaker at the meeting was Tabitha Smith of the National Stud who described the history and importance of Newmarket as the centre of horses and horse racing. It was originally used by the Romans to race their chariots but was firmly established as a centre racing in Charles 11’s time for he had a passion for horses and the area is renowned for its turf being the most suitable for raising and racing them. The Jockey Club is now the key owner and has turned the industry into a multi-million business with the profits being ploughed back into the establishment.

The Elysian Riding and Driving for the Disabled club provide disabled children with the opportunity to have the experience of gaining confidence and a sense of achievement by riding and driving horses, assisted by an experienced team of helpers.

For more information contact Enid Bedford on 01353 662499


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