Review of ‘The Railway Children’ by King’s Ely Junior School in the Hayward Theatre on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

The Kings School is known for its high standard of productions and the Junior School’s presentation of ‘The Railway Children’ was as delightful as expected. All the characters were there and well presented. The three children soon developed their personalities and indulged in realistically childish banter. They were Bobbie (played by Eva McGrath), the more ‘grown-up’ oldest child, Peter (Nicholas Denny), the only boy making efforts to keep up his macho image but not always getting it right and the youngest Phyllis (Isabel Duckworth), who had wonderful facial expressions and gave  hilarious reactions and comments.

Representing people who are much older is not easy, but Mother (Abigail Hughes) and Father (Hugo McGuinness) made excellent parents. We could really believe they were adult and living through the nightmare.

Other essential contributions to this very successful show included: Perks (Bertie Whymark), Old Gentleman (Edward Spencer), Mr Szezcpansky (William Biggs), Maid/Mrs Perks (Olivia Thomas), Butler (Rhys Williams), Doctor (Jesse Dennis), Cook (Charlotte Donnelly), Mrs Viney (Minty Gordon), Jim (Robbie Allan), Perks’ children, Persons one and two and the railway workers.

The realistic train was especially impressive as were the lights in the night scene and the sound effects, notably the landslide and staging and costumes were splendid.

Congratulations must go to the director Miss Charlton and the rest of her team for a highly entertaining evening.


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