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Review of Witchford Amateur Dramatic Society’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on Saturday 30th January 2016.

January 31, 2016

Alice in Won 1What a fanstastic show! This production by Witchford Amateur Dramatic Society of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was the perfect event for anyone wanting a highly entertaining night out. This show, more than any others, exuded enthusiasm, colour, and vivacity, leading us delightfully through the story of young Alice and the Wonderland she visited.

Everyone knew their words, delivering their lines clearly, singing sweetly and creating many delicious moments of sheer exaggeration with the necessary nonsense that was a vital part of the show. All members of the cast were, indeed, exemplary.

Highlights for me were the beauty and calm reality of Alice (Lucy Hillier), the panic of the White Rabbit Sam Jones), the cheekiness of the door and the Mad Hatter (Bruce Pattern), the incredible laugh of Captain Dodo (Sarah Bloor), the screams of the French mouse and the Dormouse (both played by Alfie Peckham) when the word ‘cat’ was mentioned, the uncanny twin-ness and outrageous behaviour of Tweedle Dum (Ruth Lo) and Tweedle Dee (Kirsten Martin) and the incredible raucous dictates of the Queen of Hearts (Chloe Grimes) who seemed to have only one favoured phrase: “ Off with …”

However, the real jewel in this production was the amazing number of people of all ages involved. One had the feeling that everyone felt that their part was vital and everyone joined in so wholeheartedly that we became thoroughly absorbed for the whole of the show. How so many children moved so swiftly and accurately around the stage is a puzzle. Praise must go the choreographer Sara Ford and ‘Child Wrangler’ Sarah-Jane West.

Congratulations to all the villagers who took part, and especially to Lucy Short (Director) and (Producer) the band led by Jonathan Carter and Naomi D’Cunha and the rest of the gang who are too numerous to mention here. I can’t wait for next year’s production.