Review of ‘Bugsy Malone’ at Witchford Village College on Thursday 19th March 2015

Few people, other than those who have been in the business, are aware of the amount of work that goes into producing the school musical. The cast not only have hours of rehearsal and nights of performance but their busy daily schedule of classes and exam preparation must continue. It is no wonder that school students sometimes feel under pressure. It is certain that some adults attempting to achieve the same would find it difficult.
However, the appreciative audience that enjoyed tonight’s performance could easily cast these concerns aside and relax and be highly entertained by this production – one that featured a culture that is quite different to the ours. With the show set in seedy New York, in the prohibition era when gang warfare and murder were common, this script explored the colour and humour of a host of likeable rogues and beautiful dolls. The touch of romance between Bugsy and Blousy Brown made the play complete.
There were many moments of talented performance as the familiar characters played their part. Bugsy Malone (played by Alfie Hiller) stole the show with his brash confident clarity and well-defined personality. Blousey (Esme Bottomly) was his innocent girlfriend, while Fat Sam (Bryannie Quarrie) was every bit the Italian boss. Tallulah (Lara Ekwuru), Dandy Dan (Alex Gordon), Louella (Jane Norman) Fizzy (Alfie Peckham), Knuckles (Sophie Casey Mullins), Bronx Charlie (Jade Drever), Smolsky (Joe Gillett, O’Dreary (Adam Everett), Leroy (Joshua Palmer) and Cagey Joe (Byron Read) all played their parts well, bringing this unique show character ad drive.
Fat Sam’s Gang (Auley Bailey, Stuart Forrest, Lawrence Green and Tim Shepherd) matched perfectly Dandy Dan’s Gang (Daniel Allgood, Louis Pilling, Jennifer Rahaman and Joshua Taylor)
The musical director, Charles Berthon and his band brought this familiar music of considerable impact alive giving the singers excellent support and helping to create very effective scenes.
Director Lisa Barker and the huge team of helpers are to be congratulated for such a fine show.


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