Review of Cambridge Touring Theatre’s production of ‘Alice, The Musical’ in the east garden of Ely Cathedral on Saturday 2nd August 2014

The east lawn of Ely Cathedral was packed for Cambridge Touring Theatre’s production of ‘Alice, The Musical’ in the east garden of Ely Cathedral on Saturday.  The audience, crowded with families, obviously thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the children in particular joined in with great enthusiasm every opportunity they were given.

The company knew what they were doing. The characters came alive as, in pantomime fashion, Alice’s adventures were relived by actors and audience alike. A bossy school ma’am called out the names of her class pupils. When ‘Chardonnay’ was called – it did not take long for a couple in the audience sitting comfortably in their picnic chairs to raise their glasses of white wine and answer ‘Here!’ This was typical of this highly entertaining show.

Even though the production was held in the open air, the voices were projected very well and we could hear almost every word. Even with such projection, the voices were never strained – an amazing feat in itself. The script was well crafted and the regular moments involving audience participation were just right – not too long, catchy enough words to remember and feasible actions to mimic.

We thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Alice (played by Georgie Freeman), the energetic White Rabbit (James Clifford), the very-Italian Mad Hatter (Ashley Cavender-Jones), the sleepy Dormouse (Matthew Morse) and the ‘off with her head’ Queen of Hearts (Rochelle Parry), amongst the many other brilliant characters.

Producer Rosie Humphreys,  Director Barry Evans, Musical Director Tom Curran, Assistant Producer Richard McNally,  composer Simon Humphreys and accompanist Robert Gathercole  are to be congratulated for such a fine production.

We certainly look forward to ‘Wind in the Willows’ In Spring 2015.


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