Review of the Lantern Dance Theatre Company performing the Fenland Suite an integrated dance performance at the Paradise Centre on Sunday 29th June 2014

ImageLantern Dance Theatre Company entertained a supportive audience in the Paradise Centre on Sunday with a wonderful performance of ‘Fenland Suite’. The group is an integrated contemporary dance company in which young people with and without disabilities train and perform on equal terms. There are about 20 members of which about half have a disability. With the help of Stopgap Dance Company, which ran a two-day workshop before the event, the standard reached was amazing.

The progamme included items called ‘Enigma’, ‘Aqua and Terra’, ‘Clear Space’, ‘Cocoon’ and ‘Weaving’ which all gave us a strong sense of the Fens landscape and history. ‘Clear Space’ was performed for the first time at this event and captured the architecture and atmosphere of Ely Cathedral well.  In ‘Enigma’ the dancers interacted cleverly designed reeds, creating moments of  mystery or militarism and leading to some highly credible watery effects. The natural flow of the choreography of ‘Aqua and Terra’ was especially impressive, while the huddle of bodies in ‘Cocoon’ was effective too. In ‘Weaving’ the choreography again was particularly well designed and one had the feeling that the movement and machinery involved in weaving was ever-present, while at the same time within the setting there was much variety that never detracted from a sense of continuity of the craft over the centuries.

The readings by Mike Rouse interspersed between the works and the atmospheric music helped to create moments of evocative intrigue about the Fens.  

Many locals will be impressed to know that Marcus Barcham-Stevens was commissioned to write the music for ‘Weaving’ and he led the Chroma Ensemble, the group that performed this potent piece.

The dancers and the staff who trained them are to be congratulated for such a fine performance. Credit should also be given to Helen Pettit’s, Jonathan Rogers’ (Producer) and their team of supporters.

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