Review of ‘Hi-de-Hi’ by the City of Ely Amateur Dramatic Society at the City of Ely Community College on Thursday 20 February 2014.

It is always difficult presenting a show that everyone knows very well, but the City of Ely Amateur Dramatic Society had no trouble in providing a wonderfully entertaining production of ‘Hi-de-Hi’.
All the favourite characters were there: Gladys Pugh (played by Helen Williamson) fawned over her hesitant boss Jeffrey Fairbrother (Doug Stuart), the hyper-active wannabe-Yellow-Coat Peggy Ollerenshaw (Fiona Gilbert) had us in stitches as she vainly sought to rise to stardom and Barry and Yvonne Stuart-Hargreaves (Nick Timmings and Sarah Boor) affected airs and graces while degenerating all too soon into catty bickering. Mr. Partridge (Patrick Cain) was very much set in his elderly ways frequently expressing his reluctance for the children he was supposed to entertain with a colourful two-word response. Fred Quilly (Graham Stark) had us believing that he emanated a whiff of his beloved horses wherever he went and Hilary Bovis (Anne Bowman) left her husband the showman Ted Bovis (Richard Dodd) in no doubt that he would never be rid of her demands for cash. Ted was always up to mischief, while Spike Dixon (Matt Harvey) made valiant attempts to save him from himself and Mr Pritchard (Mark Parr) was the epitome of the policeman at work, even though he was on holiday. Tracy Bentwood (Natalie Burton) and the rest of the yellow coats, Betty Whistler (Helena Scott), Dawn (Carol Hebbard) and Mavis (Chris Evans) made a splendid team while the roles of the Bailiff and Gary were splendidly played by Robert Stafford.
The other contributors that helped to make the evening special included Mark Parr and Trevor Gordon-Potts (Set Design and Build), Adam Hebbard (Lighting and Sound), Annabel Reddick and Staff (Box Office), Daniel Mansfield (Ely Standard), City of Ely College, Angela Spencer and Sit Team, D Stuart (Photos), Disguise Leisure Lines (costumes) Bridget Goodge and the King’s Ely Junior School.
Congratulations must go to the director Tony Ransome for such a wonderful show. I certainly look forward to the next one.
Auditions for their production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ this summer are on Monday 3rd March 2014, 7.30 – 9.00 pm, Ely Museum, The Old Gaol, Market Street, CB7 4LS.
For more information
Rosemary Westwell


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