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Review of the New Year’s Concert in the International Auditorium, Torrevieja on 6th January 2013

January 8, 2013

The New Year’s Concert given by the Torrevieja Symphonic Orchestra in the International Auditorium Torrevieja on the 6th of January 2013 was a huge success. Rarely has any concert demanded three encores.

This relatively new orchestra has blossomed under the directorship of José Francisco Sánchez. From the first notes struck it was clear that these fine instrumentalists had talent and they played with impressive spirit and precision. ‘Classical Music’ is usually associated with seriousness and profundity but these players infused their performances with many moments of lighthearted humour – most fitting for the season and for the works of Johann Strauss 11 – of which there were many.

Clear articulation and exquisite control of tempi were evident in the first piece: ‘La Revoltosa’ (Preludio) by R. Chapl. Of the numerous Strauss items, the most impressive for me were the ‘Pizzicato Polka’, ‘The Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka’ and ‘Vals del Danubio Azul’ (‘The Blue Danube Waltz’). The delicacy, cohesion, humour and wonderful contrasts in volume made the ‘Pizzicato Polka’ come alive. ‘The Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka’ was also a vibrant and highly entertaining piece. In ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’ these fine players managed to give this very familiar, often hackneyed composition, soul and depth. You could easily imagine the vastness of the Blue Danube River and you soon forgot the trite versions that fill our everyday lives.

The performance of ‘La Dolores’ (Jota) with soloist Francisco Moreno provided delightful variety as did the number of actors who crept on stage and among the listeners adding their own particular humour  to thrill the audience.

However, for me, the highlight was ‘Danza Hungaras’ (‘Hungarian Dance’) no. 5 by Brahms. In this piece it was clear that this excellent orchestra has tremendous potential. The exhilarating speed, the passion, the moments of delicacy and expressively controlled tempo changes gave us a hint of future greatness. You are advised to book early for one of their next events –e.g. on Saturday 23rd March, 2100, in the Auditorio de Torrevieja- Sala de Conciertos featuring ‘Requiem de Mozart’ y’ Sinfonia no 25 en sol Menor’ .