‘Review’ of the London Book Fair 2012

 As a last minute thing I went to the fair on the last day, Wednesday 18th April. Consequently I did not have time to thoroughly investigate the website. If I had done a week or so earlier, I could have booked in online and paid £30 entry fee instead of the £45 I had to pay. I was glad I had gone on the last day, for apparently it was much less busy than the first days. I spent a whole day and still did not manage to see it all. There was a variety of people and stands there with plenty of chances to stop for the odd coffee and snack. The main reason I attended was to check it all out and to see where the publisher of my book ‘John, Dementia and Me’ which will be published in November by Michael Henson Editorial Services – North Staffordshire Press. It was worth the visit for I was able to meet the publisher and the illustrator (to talk about the cover) and I was also able to meet the printers. As an author, I managed to leave my card at a number of places and have already been contacted with a suggestion of some work I might be interested in and, as suggested by another firm,  I have sent the script for the examination course I had already written and presented at the IATEFL Conference in Glasgow but have not yet had published. So, all in all, I would recommend the London Book Fair as a good venue if you are in the writing and or publishing business




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