‘Schools Make Music’ at Cromwell Community College, Chatteris Thursday 29th March 2012 Chatteris Rotary

‘Schools Make Music’ in the Cromwell Community College Chatteris on Thursday night was a great success. Organized by Chatteris Rotary on a yearly basis, local music teacher Amy Dyson led a large group of young singers from the area in a most entertaining concert.    Schools that joined singers from Cromwell Community College (led by Louise Todd ) included Benwick and Kingsfield (both led by Amy Dyson), Glebelands (led by Becky Mellows), Lionel Walden (led by Sarah Harrison), Manea (led by Emma Boughen ) and Thomas Eaton (led by Jade Betts). The hall was packed with participants and their parents. Each school presented a few items separately and the evening ended with a grand combination of all voices. Individual items that stood out for me were Glebeland’s ‘I’d like to teach the World to sing’, Kingfield’s ‘Fantasy Football Team’, Manea’s ‘Think of a World without any flowers’, Thomas Eaton’s ‘Living and Learning’, Benwick’s ‘What a wonderful world’, Lionel Walden’s ‘You raise me up’, Cromwell Choir’s ‘The eye of the Tiger’ and the combined ‘We are the Champions’ by Freddie Mercury. ‘Think of a world without any flowers’ was particularly interesting because it included the use of sign language, ‘What a wonderful world’ did Louis Armstrong proud, while ‘We are the Champions’ made a wonderful encore. Another factor that struck me in particular was that the songs chosen contained a number of challenges for the singers, and in some cases there was a plethora of words to learn and sing, sometimes at a very lively pace. The children rose to the occasion every time and the excitement on their faces and the thrill they obviously felt from performing well to a large appreciative audience will be remembered for some time. Chatteris Rotary is to be congratulated for inspiring such a moving event. Rosemary Westwell


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