Review of Little Foot by Craig Higginson presented by King’s Company, The King’s School Ely


Little Foot by Craig Higginson is a play set thirty miles outside Johannesburg. A group of school friends dare to spend the night in underground caves, caves that have a long history and an eerie past.

As the members of the group work interact and reveal their weaknesses and tensions between their changing relationships and the walls of the caves evoke mystical creatures with Little Foot in the lead, we see the young people reveal human characteristics of the worst and best kind. Violence erupts, guilt and blame follow and finally they return to the young school friends who first entered the caves and a kinder reality.

With minimal staging, very effective sound and amazingly well turned out South African accents this troupe gave the play good measure. Careful timing, skilful movements and expression helped to make this production an undoubted success.

Braai (played by Alec Prieto) was a strong character who let himself be succumbed by a desire to inflict cruelty and pain, Wizard (Rory McCorquodale) was an excellent fall guy and made his suffering appear very real, Moby (George Gilligan) created a sense of insecurity and uncertainty that was easy to identify with, Mercedes (Laura Day) held a strong and effective role while the new girl, Rebecca (Bea White) stood her own ground magnificently. The chorus and puppeteers moved stealthily about the stage evoking dark shadows of the past.


The director, Christopher Thacker , is to be congratulated for such a fine performance and the contributions of an accomplished crew made the short play an excellent beginning to a most thoughtful evening.

The next production by King’s Company will be Disney’s Beauty and the Beast March 21st to Saturday 24th in the Hayward Theatre book: Lisa Bushell 01353 653931

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