Book review: ‘The Music Room’ by William Fiennes published by Picador

I had just finished writing my semi-autobiography about my husband’s epilepsy and subsequent dementia so I was keen to read this book on a similar subject.

I was thoroughly captivated by the tale. The style of writing was easy to follow, the information and descriptions engrossing and, above all, the details of the personality and personality changes in the author’s brother who had epilepsy were exactly right. The dialogue in particular reminded me very much of my husband’s behaviour.

This book also added descriptions of the progress made in the study of the brain over the years and how seizures come about: how specific areas of the brain that are affected can be located, and in some cases, removed to relieve the sufferer. This was not the case in my husband, but the information was gladly received.

I thoroughly recommend this book for an engrossing, interesting read.

Rosemary Westwell


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