Review: The Inner Wheels Club of Ely Charity Cabaret Evening on 19th March 2011 at Witchford Village Hall

The Inner Wheel Club of Ely is a force to be reckoned with for its Charity Cabaret Evening was certainly a success – over £500 was raised for their charity Red2Green (a Cambridgeshire charity that provides opportunities for people of all ages with disabilities). There was no doubting the enthusiasm of the performers and their love for music of different genres was infectious and their performances highly entertaining.

Lisa Bushell, well-known local singer opened the event by presenting a number of popular songs including Cabaret, Maybe this Time, Tell me on a Sunday, Over the Rainbow, River Deep Mountain High, Simply the Best, Son of a Preacher Man, and The first time ever I saw your face.  The first time ever I saw your face was particularly moving.

Charles Schneider brought considerable amusement to the show with a delightful series of humorous songs including a number of old favorites by Flanders and Swann. He opened with a popular Victorian number Come into the Garden Maud, and then Flanders and Swans’ Tonga with its frustrating language, The Slow Train (dedicated to Peter Heald for whom this was a particular favourite), The Armadillo so much in love with a metal-plated tank, Transport of Delight (a London omnibus), the thwarted lovers the honeysuckle and the Bindweed in Misalliance, the unwise The Ostrich burying its head in the sand in a testing ground, In the Bath, the unhappy The Rhinoceros, the fate of a naïve young lady in Madeira M’dear and the unforgettable The Hippopotamus with its glorious chorus Mud, mud …. In the duets he was joined by a delightful singer, his daughter, Georgia Schneider, a member of Ely Cathedral Girls Choir and he was expertly accompanied by Inner Wheel member and talented local pianist, Constance Heald.

After interval Witchford Voices ended the event with some excellent numbers. This huge local choir is conducted by Naomi D’Cunha and her expertise has led this group of enthusiastic performers to reach new heights of precision and quality in their performance.  This is definitely a choir to be reckoned with.

With powerful harmonies, exciting rhythms and rich tonal quality in the lower voices, these singers brought their songs alive. The programme included songs such as One Vision, Down by the River to Pray, Fix you, I’m yours, Adiemus by Karl Jenkins, Run. Don’t stop believing, Hallelujah (by Leonard Cohen), Man in the Mirror, What I’m Looking for and Africa

Technical support helped to create a strong sense of atmosphere – the most impressive of which was in Africa in which the choir used their hands and feet to create a realistic impression of wind, the patter of rain and thunder so typical of this hot country. Dee Ireland’s box of tricks and lighting effects were particularly valuable.

Forthcoming events for the choir will be on the 18th, 19th and 21st July. Copies of their debut CD may now be ordered. For more information contact choir manager


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