Valentine’s Day Concert held in Ely Cathedral on 14th February 2011.

A glass of champagne, flickering candlelight and dazzling talented musicians playing music that evoked the essence of romance — what more could one want? The Valentine’s Day Concert held in the octagon in Ely Cathedral on 14th February was a sheer delight. Nicola Loud (violin) wowed the listeners with her amazing technique, coaxing the instrument to reach great heights of emotional intensity or amazing the audience with feats of rare vitality, dexterity and agility.

Warren Mailley-Smith (piano) was with her at every turn. His perfection in synchronizing with the violinist to evoke exactly the same expression or breakneck virtuosity was phenomenal.

His performance of Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ after interval captured exactly Beethoven’s moods expressed in his strong melodies, dramatic contrasts and excitable outbursts.

The evening opened triumphantly with a show piece that had us sitting up and taking notice. From the moment the first strands of Sarasate’s ‘Zigeunerweisen’ were played we knew that this evening was not simply a performance of ‘nice’, romantic music: this was an evening of gutsy, passion supported by phenomenal technique.

Few aspects of love were omitted. The programme offered passionate earthy gypsy-inspired energy in ‘Zigeunerweisen’, and Monit’s ‘Czardas’, simple beauty in Gluck’s ‘Melodie’ from ‘Orfeo and Euridice’, the cozy warmth of familiar favourites by Kreisler, the moving ‘Meditation’ by Massenet, and the final piece, Franck’s formidable ‘Sonata for violin and piano in A’ (a wedding gift for a virtuosic violinist of the day), offered sophisticated expressions of exhilaration, contemplation, and ardor.

This was an unforgettable evening and the sight of a young man waiting for someone while clutching a large bouquet of flowers and wearing a huge grin endorsed the feelings of warmth and inspiration the evening evoked.

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