Review of Witchford Amateur Dramatic Society’s pantomime Cinderella

Witchford Amateur Dramatic Society’s pantomime Cinderella was wonderful. With moments of excitement, humour, tragedy and suspense, the packed audience was delighted with this year’s offering.

Director Claire Skilbeck, Producer Sarah Fretwell and Musical Directors Naomi D’Cunha and Jonathan Carter presented a delightful show that involved a large cast of enthusiastic participants, the most enchanting of all being the host of youngsters who assumed their roles very competently and entertainingly.

The familiar plot included the usual characters: a beautiful and talented Cinderella (played by Claire Mead), a deliciously evil stepmother Evillia Stone – Broke (Lucy Short) and her long-suffering husband (Adrian Peberdy), two wonderfully outrageous ugly sisters Florabella (Sarah Boor) and Ermytrude (Chris Grant), the amusing, loyal friend Buttons (Joe Robbins), the highly presentable Prince Charming (Carole Robbins), the highly adaptable squire Dandini (Elise Gallois), the magical Fairy Godmother (Gillian Hardman) and her amazing assistant Wildfire (Emma McClagish), the skirt chasing King (Craig D’Cunha) , his long- suffering wife (Jo Peacock) and a wordy Lord Chamberlain (Hannah Pauley).

The story unfolded gradually with plenty of space for corny jokes, a huge variety stage-packed musical numbers that were skilfully choreographed (particularly One way or Another, Don’t stop believing and Shout). The contribution of Sam Robbins and Sophie Denly singing One Time definitely added to the ‘ah’ factor.

With effective support from musicians and staging, lighting, costumes and front of house crews, this was a most rewarding and uplifting village affair.

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