Review ‘The Two of Us’ at the Maltings Thursday 30th September 2010

ADeC certainly know how to pack the Maltings. The production of ‘The Two of Us’, part of Theatre Royal Bury St. Edmunds’ Rural Tour, was a real hit.

The title suggested two people exploring and intense relationship as a couple but it was much more than that. Director Abigail Anderson was quite right when she described the writer Michael Frayn as a ‘consumate technician’. Words, actions and pace of delivery were orchestrated to perfection to produce four highly amusing plays that explored personalities and credible embarrassing situations magnificently.

The phenomenal acting ability of the two, Alys Torrance and Simon Nock, was in no doubt. Alys was the epitome of the exhausted mother of a  new born in ‘Black Silver’. In the second play, ‘The New Qixote’ she transformed into a mature party-goer who found enlightenment from a socially handicapped bore she had picked up the previous night.

Her husband’s foot, in ‘Mr. Foot’ captured the thought processes of a trapped suburban housewife losing identity. In the final play ‘Gnomes’ her roles as Jo, Alex and Bee were spot on. Jo, was the housewife and mother trying to produce a trouble-free dinner for her friends,. Alex, was the deep-voiced lover of Bee and Bee she portrayed delightfully as the emotionally insecure wife who recently abandoned her husband for Alex. These characters were all distinct and credible individuals sweeping in and out of the central dining room from a variety of entrances and exits with amazing agility and timing.   

Simon Nock complemented Alys perfectly. His portrayal of the new father, the nerdy uninvited partner, the controlling and intimidating husband in suburbia ,the slightly distracted dinner host and the tipsy thwarted husband had the audience chuckling in recognition.

Stage management, lighting and sound, stage set and programme were first rate, making the production one of the most entertaining events of the season.

Future events at the Royal Theatre Bury St. Edmunds include:

Friday 1st – Saturday 16th October ‘The London Merchant’ by George Lillo

Tuesday 9th – 13th November George Orwell’s 1984

Contact: Box office: 01284 769505

Future ADeC events at the Maltings include:

Friday 29th October 730 p.m. Arthur Smith

Wednesday 24th November 730 p.m. John Shuttleworth’s  ‘A Man with no More Rolls’

Sunday 5th December 730 p.m. Rich Hall

Contact: ADeC (01353) 616991


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