Review Little Shop of Horrors Soham Blueshed Productions

Review Little Shop of Horrors Soham
It is always difficult to set the right tone when black comedy is the order of the day, but Blueshed and KD Theatre Productions managed more than this.
The tale of the man-eating plant unravelled delightfully as songs reminiscent of the golden 60s added a schmaltzy nostalgic touch. The young lovers, the abusive brute, the mean shop owner and the crooning girls all brought the plot alive and gory details became tolerable as the over-the-top situations entertained a packed and appreciative audience.
Daniel Bell was a highly credible gangly shop assistant brought to fame by the growth of this unqiue blood thirsty plant. Ruth Masterton, Lucy Bell and co-producer Katherine Hickmott gelled in perfect 3-part harmony, far better than many of our modern girl-power groups. Oliver Ellerton gave maturity to the role of Mushnick, the mean shopkeeper. He was also the unforgettable voice of the ghastly plant: Audrey 11. The words “Feed me” still send shivers up the spine. Liam Walls made the plant more believable with his manipulations of its blood red jaws.
Audrey, played by Harriet Duthie, was every bit the young, victimized beauty with Marilyn Munroe-like innocence and the dastardly villain of the show, Orin, the drill-waving brute of a dentist, was made uglier by the aggressive narcissism portrayed by Sean Abbs.
The music rocked with the vibrant sounds of Skid Row Musicians: Keyboards: Melody Bell and Patricia Skinner, guitar: Chris Bradbury, percussion: Nick Thompson and saxophone: Mark Bell.
Fitting choreography, costumes, scenery and technical support all helped to make this production great. It will no doubt be a highly successful addition to the Edinburgh Fringe when the company participates there later in August.
Their next production will be well worth attending: “Mother Goose” 2nd, 4th December 2010


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