Review “Much Ado Ron Ron!” performed by Newmarket Millennium Youth Theatre at the King’s Theatre Newmarket on Saturday 7th August 2010

Mucking about with Shakespeare is a dangerous occupation. When I saw the title, I was intrigued. It would not work. How could you possibly relate the antiquated language, characters and plots of Shakespeare to the whims and idiosyncratic desires of a gang of over-energized teenagers of today?
After seeing “Much Ado Ron Ron” presented by Newmarket Millennium Youth Theatre there is no doubt that the spirit of the Bard’s plays can indeed be wonderfully revived. This large group of highly talented performers, many of them as young as 13, immediately drew the audience into a world that reflected the exuberance and abandonment of the 60s while at the same time reflecting the wit, humour and vigour of Shakespeare’s play.
The performers crooned and bopped in unison as the familiar Shakespeare plot unravelled. The members of the audience could easily indentify with the trials and tribulations of the young lovers and they could readily empathize with the tensions created by the conflicting personalities. Shakespeare’s cast was well covered and included the carping couple Beatrice and (Captain) Benedict, the beautiful Hero and her beloved (Captain) Claudio, Leonata (hero’s much troubled mother), Hero’s friends Margaret and Ursula, Sir Peter, Colonel John, the dastardly brother of Sir Peter, handbag swinging Aunt Antonia, officers to Colonel John: Conrad and Boris, the hilarious organizer of the watch Dogberry, his assistant Verges and members of the watch, buck-toothed Padre, worldly Sisters Mary Michael and Mary Therese and the authoritative Court Recorder. Ronni and the beautiful Ronnettes, Dancing girls, members of Leonata’s Household and Soldiers of the Garrison enhanced the ambiance of the show magnificently.
Superb singing, with varied, moving and unique solos and beautifully gelled harmonies filled the intimate theatre. The stage was packed with vibrant dancers, working together with amazing precision that never tarnished the vivacity of their creative tableaux.
It seems incredible that this performance took only seven days to create.
Due credit must go to the highly talented company of 47 students, director Wallace Wareham and assistant Gail Baker, Musical Directors Craig Sayers and Simon Pearce, choreographers Jessica Clifford and Andy Thorpe and their large and amazing team.
This was one of the best shows I have seen in years!


One Response to “Review “Much Ado Ron Ron!” performed by Newmarket Millennium Youth Theatre at the King’s Theatre Newmarket on Saturday 7th August 2010”

  1. Gail Baker Says:

    I was delighted to read this wonderful review, particularly as I am one of the directors of NMYT summer school. What you won’t have appreciated is that, not only did the students learn a show in a week, they also constructed, painted and dressed the set, dyed shoes, fitted costumes, produced the props, assisted with the lighting and the sound, which almost covers everything!
    I am delighted that their hard work has been recognised, not to mention ours.
    Thank you for your review and do please come to us anytime. Contact me for further info if you are interested.

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