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A pub that advertises ‘live music’ is one that I usually avoid. The ‘live performances’ I have experienced while having lunch on the beach in Torrevieja Spain,  are often brief, a little over enthusiastic and with a splattering of wrong notes, but enjoyable enough for the purpose. Consequently, I do not usually go out of my way to spend an evening out listening to ‘live music’. 

When a friend suggested I join a group and spend an evening listening to live music at Betty Boop’s on the Alcequion beach, I weakened and I decided a night out would suit me fine, with or without the ‘live music’.

After listening to the first few notes by Roberta, I had an immediate change of heart. When Roberta and Garry sang their separate songs, there was nothing ‘slap-dash’ about their performances. They focused on their songs, shaping their singing to match almost exactly the performers who first made the popular songs famous. Songs ranged from early 20th century to today: there was something for everyone. Their sense of rhythm, their tonal variety and their sensitivity to the messages of their songs were second to none. Garry gave the impersonator of Frank Sinatra of the Rat Pack (that I had heard in Bournemouth sometime ago) a good run for his money and Roberta held us in awe as she really lived for the moment, drawing us into the world of emotions or excitement the songs engendered. 

So the next time I am invited to go to an evening of ‘live music’, it will take a lot to stop me!

Contacts: Betty Boop’s, Avda Gregorio Marañon, 47, 03185 Torrevieja tel: 660113650 email:

Roberta, R and R Entertainment tel: 638404363 email:

Garry Dorsey tel (UK) 01761437993 mobile: 07704137857 email:

Rosemary Westwell (teacher of music Cambridgeshire, UK)


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