A Celebration of Life in Ely Cathedral presented by Papworth Hospital 8th May 2010

Ely Cathedral provided a magnificent environment for ‘A Celebration of Life’ presented by Papworth Hospital. In the gradual decline of light as the evening drew in, the stained glass windows took on a mysterious hue. Flickering candlelight made the picture complete as it reflected on the soft colours of the towering columns of this renowned Cathedral.

This awe-inspiring background provided a perfect backdrop for the Ely Cathedral Octagon Singers, conducted by Jan Payne, to create moments of heightened splendour. Their fine tones endorsed the spiritual potential of our often flawed world. Works included Bell’s ‘Jesus Christ is waiting’, Ireland’s ‘Greater love hath no man’, Fauré’s ‘In paradisum’, Purcell’s ‘Thou knowest Lord’, Rutter’s ‘For the beauty of the earth’ and Stanford’s ‘Bluebird’. The singers’ voices rose from the octagon, exploring the fine acoustics to the full. Parker Ramsay, an accomplished organist, accompanied the choir on the Cathedral organ with aplomb, and presented impressive and potent solos.   

It was a pleasant surprise to find the familiar face of Sergeant Merton (Duncan Bell) from TV’s ‘Heartbeat’ in the programme. He was one of three actors representing the host of people involved in heart and lung transplants. Duncan spoke authoritatively but compassionately as the surgeon, Leo Conville gave a sincere monologue as a troubled patient and Roland Allen represented an earnest and concerned transplant coordinator.   

This was a unique and moving celebration of the work of the Hospital, one that left those who attended with a feeling that there is much in this world that is worthy and that it is important to pause and reflect on those who have such an important effect on our lives.

Contact: fundraising@papworth.nhs.uk


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