Review City of Ely Community College’s production of Bugsy Malone on the 30th March 2010.

The City of Ely Community College chose a fine musical for their show held at the Community College.  Bugsy Malone gave them every opportunity to display the talent of these young performers.

The leads in this production were outstanding. Bugsy Malone (Duncan Earlam) swaggered confidently about the stage, drawing us inextricably into his world of dangerous living. His charisma, timing and clear delivery helped create a credible and winning personality. Blousy Brown (Scarlet East) matched Duncan’s performance particularly well. Her fine singing, humorous characterization and delightful moments of dramatic vigour added spice to the plot.

Fat Sam (Jamie Smith) blustered eloquently as he tried to overcome his mounting troubles and complained bitterly about the noises made by Knuckles (Pawel Kalasa). Tallulah (Chloe Van Putten) made an attractive girl friend while Dandy Dan (Stephen Perry) was a splendid adversary, his fine demeanour setting him apart.

A plethora of ‘stiffs’, splurge guns, custard pies and ‘scraps’ moved the plot along well – a testament to the expertise of the Director Lloyd Popp, the dedication and hard work of the whole cast and the efficiency of stage props. 

Some of the most notable highlights also included rousing choruses especially the final You Give a Little Love, moving solos especially Tomorrow sung by Fizzy (Lauren Harrington), some excellent dancing and choreography (thanks to the Artistic Director Ceris Eveleigh), delightful costumes and a resourceful stage set.   

This was a splendid evening’s entertainment.



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