Review of Annie Get Your Gun by Soham Village College

You are always sure of a good time when you go to a production by Soham Village College. This year was no exception. The production of Annie Get Your Gun filled the stage with colourful characters, vibrant movement and music that lifted the spirits like few other shows.

Annie (played by Naomi Rogers) was a definite star. Her strong mature singing, her feisty acting and her gun-slinging style wowed the audience. The man she adored, Frank Butler (played by Ryan Hutton), was every much her equal, especially in his acting. Buffalo Bill (Josh Robins), with cowboy swagger and spirited banter never let us lose sight of the Wild West theme. Charlie Davenport (Jack Shorney) was a stalwart pivotal character while Sitting Bull (Tommy D Kelly-Hadley) added spice to the plot with his witticisms, his decision to make Annie his daughter and his vague memory of how to scalp someone who would not cooperate.

All good plots have the irritating malicious thorn in everyone’s side and this was Dolly Tate played admirably by Suzie Martin. Another outstanding character was Joseph Wilson (Philip Evans) who was a very realistic, unyielding hotelier. Pawnee Bill (Nat Whittington) and the four ragamuffin sisters (Chloe Jones, Annabelle Davis, Emily Smith and Marianne Carvalho) helped liven up events. The four sisters certainly gelled together well in a highly entertaining series of responses to events – a vital part of the production. Other notable enhancers were the fine dancers, the delightful choreography (by Debbie Marks), the strong chorus and the host of other characters including Tumblers and Indians. Costumes and effects were magnificent as was the orchestra led by Stephen Kenna on keyboard.

Songs with perennial appeal included Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly, The Girl that I Marry, You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun, There’s no Business Like Show Business, They Say It’s Wonderful and Anything You Can Do . These numbers lifted the show into heights usually associated with the finest of adult performances. 

The production team (Stephen Kenna, David Tickner and Angela Bocking) should be well pleased with such a splendid show.



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