review of pianist Patrick Hemmerlé in Ely

This is review of a piano recital given by Patrick Hemmerlé in the Recital Hall the Gibson Music Hall Ely for the King’s School Ely Concert Society series.

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Review : Piano recital Patrick Hemmerlé’s Ely

The King’s School Ely Concert Society has brought many fine musicians to Ely and Patrick Hemmerlé must be one of the finest. This phenomenal pianist received his training in France and his understanding and appreciation of French piano music is breath-taking. Many of the works were popular items that have been played at concerts many times, but Patrick outshone any performances I have heard.

 The four ballades by Chopin demonstrated an outstanding technique and an acute awareness of the internal workings of the musical structure and its expressive demands. His whole demeanour reflected a deep intellectual affinity for the composer’s intentions and as his fingers delicately outlined Chopin’s appealing melodies or flew across the keyboard with pinpointed alacrity, he reached heights of expression rarely heard before.

The remainder of the programme featured works by Fauré, Debussy, Chabrier and the lesser known Roger-Ducasse and Emmanuel.   Whether the piece demanded clearly articulated melodic strains, rapid virtuosic spills or reflective nuance, Patrick was fully immersed in delivering these with precision, sensitivity and genuine commitment.

Patrick’s explanation and demonstration of the musical developments within the 2nd Barcarolle in G flat Major by Jean Roger-Ducasse and the 6th Sonatine by Maurice Emmanuel brought these works alive.  He played Debussy’s L’Ilse Joyeuse in A major with assured aplomb, his strong, no-nonsense approach filling the sounds with fresh vitality and a direct musicality that never lost the fluidity and expressive qualities of this joyful composition. The last group of works by Chabrier lightened the spirit and featured a phenomenal variety of methods of articulation. Patrick’s utter appreciation of the music he played was never in any doubt.

This wonderful concert ended with two delightful encores of works by Erik Satie (the unforgettable Gymnopédie 1) and Jacques Ibert. 

Future events include:

  • Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th March Jekyll and Hyde in the Hayward Theatre 7.30 p.m.
  • Saturday 27th March Cathedral Girls’ Choir sings in Bach’s St Matthew Passion with Ely Choral Society in Ely Cathedral 7.30 p.m.
  • Friday 7th May (KSE Concert Society): David Campbell, Jocelyn Howell, Jose Requena (clarinets), John Flinders (piano) in the Recital Hall 7.30 p.m.
  • Friday 7th May (KSE Concert Society): Jadran Duncumb (guitar) and Emil Duncumb (piano) in the Recital Hall 7.30 p.m.




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