review: Peace Child

Ely Cathedral was the ideal venue for Peace Child International to present “Peace Child – Alpha Omega”: a musical journey through faith by David Gordon.  

The combined forces of Ely Choral Society, choirs from Southfields Junior School, Witchford Village College, representatives from Turkey and Estonia and the Ely Festival Orchestra produced a very moving and powerful  sound.  This large gathering of musicians was inspired by the Musical Directorship of the renowned Andrew Parnell.

An excellent script by David Woollcombe and members of the cast brought into focus those unanswerable questions about religion, faith and the purpose of our existence that man has raised since time began.  Director Abdul Shayek and Producer Rosey Simonds should be well pleased with the fine acting of the cast: Gemma Craven (Storyteller), Cecilia Garcia (Maryam), Elizabeth Marnie (Charlotte), Regé Page (Christopher) and Joseph Vacher (Aaron). Notable representatives of different backgrounds and perspectives, chaired by Canon Peter Challen, were on hand to continue a discussion of the issues raised after the interval.

Choirs and soloists were splendid and the singing of soprano Lili Kirikal from Estonia and Regé Page were particularly impressive. The orchestra gelled superbly and the quality of the performance was unquestionable. There were many impressive displays by highly skilled instrumentalists. Other notable performers were solo treble James Farmer, organist Jonathan Lilley and pianist and Musical Associate Richard Sharpey .

Fascinating orchestration created a tremendous feeling of awe and suspense at the beginning and one of the most moving items of the evening was the opening song “Who am I?”. Other highlights were the compelling “I believe” and the final triumphant song: “Reach Out” which ended the performance with a rousing flourish.

Ely Choral Society’s next concerts will be Bach’s St. Matthew Passion on Saturday 27th March and on Summer Concert and the launch of Ely Youth Choir on Friday 18th June. Contact:

Peace Child International may be contacted on tel: 01763274459 or email:



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