review Witchford – WADS YOUTH ‘Our Day Out’ by Willy Russell

Review of WAD’S production of Our Day Out at Witchford Village College

Our Day Out, a play by Willy Russell about underprivileged teenagers going on a rare outing, was the perfect choice for the 11-16 year-old members of WADS YOUTH to perform at Witchford Village College. The large cast featured strong characters including a very uptight senior member of staff Mrs. Briggs constantly at odds with Mrs. Kay the sympathetic, supportive teacher who organized the outing, a bashful young teacher Colin struggling to overcome the excessive sexual advances of Linda, a troubled young girl Carol threatening suicide in a bid to avoid returning to her problematic home life, the inevitable couple of streetwise lads at the back of the bus Reilly and Digga, a seasoned bus driver with low tolerance to children Ronny and a control-freak of a Lollipop Lady .  

In this cleverly crafted play, the remaining cast added spice to an almost predictable kaleidoscope of disastrous events culminating in a delightful scene with the children attempting to abscond with various animals that they had ‘acquired’ from the zoo. The remaining cast included Ronson, Sue, Little Kid, Pam, Kathy, Susan, Karen, Andrews and Headmistress, Zookeeper and Maureen.

This production was extremely well orchestrated and the slides and videos as part of the staging helped bring the production alive and make the local adaptations entirely appropriate –the production was a real ‘Witchford’ event. The Director Esther Hiller and Co-producers Keith Gallois and Sarah Boor are to be congratulated for such an excellent show. There was additional excellent input from the prompt and those responsible for lighting: Keith McPherson, graphics: Tim Bustin, Simon Gamble and Keith Gallois, costumes and props: Sarah Bloor, additional vocal training: Tessa McGinn, programme editing: Emma Grace and stage construction: Adrian Peberdy and Parents.

If the very high standard of this production is any indication of what is to be expected in the future, WAD’S next show: Snow White on the 5th and 6th of February 2010 should be outstanding. Book early!

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